Why chose Node JS as the backend?

Why chose Node JS as the backend?

Technology is constantly evolving day by day and choosing a language for development is getting tougher as well. Something that is popular today will be worn out next year. You won’t have to worry about Node JS because it’s quite and shows a significant growth today.

Since Node JS is an open-source runtime environment, it is becoming a popular tool for any kind of project. The main reasons for choosing Node JS are:

  • Cross-Platform
  • Scalability
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Minimum Buffering
  • Quick Data Streaming
  • Asynchronous

Let’s go in details

1. Cross-Platform

Node JS allows to abstract out the system specific functionality into APIs your code can access. Even though it runs on V8 engine, it runs out of Google Chrome. Hence it independent of operating system, as it works on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

2. Scalability

Node JS have the capability to handle concurrent requests effectively while balancing all active CPU cores. This makes Node JS highly scalable and robust.

3. Multi-Threaded

There is a popular disbelief that Node JS is single threaded. It’s totally a bogus. The non blocking architecture of Node JS makes the multi threading highly efficient. All the functions called are delegated to the event loop and these functions are executed by different threads.

4. Minimum Buffering

Node JS works with chunked data (i.e. data streams). Some buffering is essential to the operation of Node JS, but it is entirely up to the developer whether Node JS would have to buffer data.

5. Quick Data Streaming

Node.js makes use of the V8 JavaScript runtime environment. This runtime motor is also used by Chrome. The wrapper the hub provides the motor makes it even faster than before. Due to this, the working of Node.js tremendously speeds up as well hence providing very fast data streaming for a web application.

6. Asynchronous

Node.js is asynchronous. Meaning, when a client requests a server, a single thread handles the request; it checks if the request involves any database interaction if it does not; the request is processed and the server sends back the response to the client. The thread is ready to handle the next request.


Even though many experts says that the worth of Node JS is questionable in 2022, according to Stack Overflow Research, is a world wide leader among frameworks. The popularity of Node JS is still growing and it does not look like a bad tendency.