What is Google Analytics 4? Complete Guide for Marketers

What is Google Analytics 4? Complete Guide for Marketers

Google Analytics 4, the newest version of Google Analytics and a powerful marketing tool for insights that will help you make better marketing decisions.

Google Analytics 4

What Is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics is the next generation of Analytics which collects event-based data from both websites and apps. This tool will provide a thorough web analytics that will allow marketers to effectively analyze important customer usage metrics.

Google Analytics 4 Features

  • Predictive analytics.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Create and track up to 300 Events.
  • Create and track up to 30 Conversions.
  • Customize automated tables.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Easily create Audience Segments.

Google Analytics 4 Vs. Universal Analytics

GA4 helps track activity on both websites and applications whereas Universal Analytics measures screen views in separate mobile-specific properties. Google Analytics 4 focuses more on events, and universal analytics focus on page views. In GA4, you can customize your dashboard to prioritize vital data for your business and GA4 is used with Google Data Studio to create a custom visual format of your collected data.

Getting started with Google Analytics 4

  1. Login to your Google Analytics Account.
  2. Click Admin. Gear icon, bottom left navigation.
  3. Confirm that your desired account is selected.
  4. Confirm the desired property is selected.
  5. Click GA4 Setup Assistant, the first option in the Property column.
  6. Once inside the Setup Wizard, click the large blue button, Get Started. Click the blue button to Create property.


GA4 is event based analytic tool. GA4 records all events a user completes. Goggle Analytics 4 offers various benefits such as cross-platform tracking, more control over data, and AI-driven insights. It is a helpful analytics tool which gives an understanding of website traffic and how users behave once on site.