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Top 7 Web Application Security Best Practices

Web Application

Protect your website against malfunctions, phishing, cyber crimes, or cyber-attacks to avoid data loss..


Did You Know:

A cyber attack takes place somewhere in the world every 39 seconds. 

In today’s digital world, everything is on Internet. Every startup business want to make their niche in The Web, thus increasing the importance of online security. Everyone wants their applications safe on the internet from malicious cyber attacks.

With the surge in online transactions and sensitive information being transmitted over the internet, it is more important than ever to ensure the security of web applications. Attacks against web applications can cause hefty losses to the business whether it is financial loss or tarnishing the reputation.

Here are some methods that companies can implement to help reduce the impact of attacks on their web applications

  1. Document all changes in your software: With new changes and updates from users, it is better to maintain a proper documentation; otherwise, when a major data infringement occurs it will be very hard to find the source of the problem.
  2. Identify and Note potential entry points for hackers: Make security checks in the vulnerable parts of your applications such as customer interface, data transactions etc.
  3. Adopt a cybersecurity framework: This will provide a strategic approach that give a detailed research on security risks. You can also create a respond plan.
  4. Follow secure software development practices: Developers must know security standards, secure coding techniques, algorithms, mechanisms, and tools required to build secure web applications.
  5. Use diverse security measures: Use diverse security measures such as vulnerability scanner, SAST tool, or web-application firewall.
  6. Use cookies securely: Cookies can also be manipulated by hackers to gain access to protected areas. Never use cookies to store highly sensitive or critical information.
  7. Introduce a bounty program:  Offer a “bounty” of monetary value to ethical hackers for successfully discovering and reporting a vulnerability or bug.


A responsible website owner should be aware of the necessity of online security these days. It is vital to ensure reliable protection of your web app. Nothing can guarantee security 100%, but some basic steps can save you from huge loss.

Don’t just rely on security products alone! Practise these practices!!

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