10 Tips And Tricks To Write Better Python Code

10 Tips And Tricks To Write Better Python Code
  • Resfeber Admin
  • April 6, 2023

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in software development sector. Python maintains its number one spot on the TIOBE Programming Community Index of most popular programming languages in March also.

Since its creation in the early 1990s, Python continues to score high with developers. It is also considered one of the best languages for machine learning.

So why is Python so popular? 

Python is open source and supported by a large community of experts. It’s easy to access and easy to learn. Python has a mature and supportive python community that helps developers ranging from beginner to expert levels. Software development is easy with python as it offer hundreds of libraries and frameworks.

Like any language programmers, Python programmers also encounter a difficult learning curve every now and then. With proper organization, you can overcome this difficulties. Hope the tips mentioned in this blog will help you avoid these mistakes and improve your Python programming abilities.

  1. Use List Comprehension: Instead of raw for-loops, create a new list from an extant record. 
  2. Use Built-in Functions: They perform a specific task and make your code more proficient.
  3. Use Default Arguments: Increases the capabilities and the reusability of the code. Avoids repetitiveness in code.
  4.  Skip Global Variables: Using global variables make your code complex and prone to errors.
  5.  Use Context Managers: A context manager usually takes care of setting up some resource like opening a connection, and automatically cleaning up.
  6. Use  Slicing:  This feature relies on indexing to allow users to access a subset of a sequence. 
  7. Merging Dictionaries: In Python 3.9 and above, it is possible to merge dictionaries using | (bitewise OR). 
  8. Matching Regex: Regular expressions are a major time saver that allow you to specify a pattern of text to search for.
  9.  Use Enumerate: Instead of range(len()) iterate with enumerate(). It helps to avoid repetative code.
  10.  Use Lambda Functions:  Permits us to create small, restricted, anonymous functions in one line. 


Evidence suggests that Python is here to stay and it is a great survivor!! Statistics and research says that python related jobs are booming. According to a recently conducted study, Python for game development is mostly used as a hobby. That means even non-programmers can learn this language with less effort. These are just a few helpful tips for writing better codes in Python.

So if you ever wanted to try your hand in Python – there’s no better time than the present!