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Scripting Vs Programming languages: What Are The Key Differences

Scripting Vs Programming languages

We all know programming language is a computer language that is used by programmers (developers) to communicate with computers. Have you heard of ‘scripting languages’?

Scripting languages are also computer languages, but are mostly interpreter-based. It uses a high-level construct to interpret and execute one command at a time.

Example of Programming Language: C, C++, Java, Scala

Example of Scripting Language: PHP, JavaScript, Python, VBScript

The basic difference is that all the scripting languages are programming languages, but all programming languages are not scripting languages. The scripting languages do not require the compilation step. On the other hand, programming languages need to be complied to machine code so as to run them on the hardware of an underlying OS. 

This will give you a detailed comparison of these two types of computer languages to understand them better: Scripting Vs Programming languages

FeaturesScripting Language Programming Language
TypeInterpreter-based languages.Compiler-based languages
UseUsed to create dynamic web applicationsUsed to write computer programs
Running of LanguageProgram-dependentProgram-independent
ConversionConvert high-level instructions into machine languageConvert the full program into the machine language in one go
Maintenance & Cost Less maintenance costHigh maintenance cost
File TypeDon’t create any file typesGenerates a .exe file
ComplexityEasy to use and easy to write.Pretty complex in terms of writing and usage.
Code Very few and short coding linesRequire numerous lines of coding for a single function
SupportGreat support to user interface design, data types, and graphic designDo not support or provide very little support for user interface designing, data types, and graphic designing
Development timeLimited as smaller number of lines are requiredHigh as more lines are required

Conclusion: Scripting Vs Programming Languages

Execution process and environment is the deciding factor between these two type of computer languages. Programming languages are used to make software, whereas scripting languages were created to assist and guide these programming languages. Scripting languages are mainly used to define functionality. Both programming and scripting language have advancements and improved features in them.

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