PWA[Progressive Web Apps] Statistics That You Should Know in 2024 

PWA[Progressive Web Apps] Statistics That You Should Know in 2024 

There has been a lot of buzz around progressive web applications (PWA) in the recent years. A progressive web app (PWA) is an app that’s built using web platform technology and provides a user experience like that of a platform-specific app.


Is PWA technology still relevant today?

PWA technology will still be relevant in 2024. PWA still remains highly relevant and promising for eCommerce businesses as it is evolving and continue to receive support from the biggest players on the market. Big players like Apple and Microsoft have expanded their support for PWA in 2023.

PWA offers various possibilities such as camera access, where users can take photos and videos directly from the PWA. Geolocation is another PWA feature that lets you implement location-aware features, like store locators and real-time tracking. So in 2024, these innovative web applications will continue to revolutionize the web experience for businesses and users.

PWA Statistics for 2024

As they are offering numerous advantages to businesses, so there’s no need for users to download and install traditional mobile apps. You can now feel an app-like experience through web browsers. Here are some Key Statistics to understand the importance of Progressive Web Apps in today’s digital world.

  1. By 2027, the PWA market is set to reach $10.44 billion.
  2. The travel industry has the highest conversion rate with PWAs; 3x.
  3. Only 54K websites currently use PWAs.
  4. PWAs boost conversions by up to 50%.
  5. PWAs reducing bounce rates loading in under just 2 seconds.
  6. User retention rate of PWAs is 180%.
  7. PWAs can reduce the time it takes to interact with Media and Entertainment content by a significant 88%.
  8. PWAs can reduce the time it takes for users to interact with financial services by up to 50%.
  9. Facebook saw a notable 70% increase in user engagement after introducing its PWA.
  10. Developing a PWA is 3–8 times cheaper than a native app.


Embracing PWAs enhance user experiences, improve performance, and leverage the benefits of cross-platform compatibility. PWAs is predicted to see a growth rate of around 25% to 30% annually in 2024. Since they have higher user retention rates, businesses will most certainly adopt PWAs in the future.

Hope this blog will help you to understand rising popularity of PWAs in the future….