Comparison of 5 Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries in 2023

Comparison of 5 Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries in 2023

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, which makes it one of the most sought-after skills in the web development industry today. JavaScript has become so widespread and popular that it’s almost the lingua franca of web development. 

JavaScript was originally made for front-end development when it was released in 1995, but now we can create mobile apps, games, desktop apps, back-end server-side apps or one can even do machine learning.

JavaScript has enormous variety of frameworks and libraries, which makes easier to create websites with JavaScript. 80% of apps built using JavaScript rely open source JS frameworks and libraries. JS frameworks and libraries are precoded support programs used to develop complex software applications.

Top JavaScript Framework Comparison Table

FeaturesReactVue.js AngularNode.jsEmber.js
Developed ByFacebook and CommunityEvan YouGoogleOpen JS FoundationEmber Core Team
Type JavaScript LibraryJavaScript Framework Web FrameworkRuntime EnvironmentJavaScript Library
Launched May 29, 2013Feb 2014Oct 20, 201027 May, 20098 Dec, 2011
Programming LanguageJavaScriptJavaScriptTypeScriptJavaScriptJavaScript
DOMVirtual DOMVirtual DOMReal DOMVM ModuleVirtual DOM
Coding SpeedNormalFastSlowFastFast
Learning CurveModerateModerateSteepModerateSteep

Bottom Line

Each framework has its own features, so choose the one that meet the requirements of your project. React is best suitable for developing real-time apps such as dashboards, eCommerce stores; VueJs is best for web interfaces or desktop apps. Angular, Vue and React are the most popular and commonly used JavaScript frameworks.

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