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5 Little-Known Instagram SEO Techniques for Increasing Reach

Instagram SEO

Instagram’s biggest market in terms of users is India, with over 300 million active users…

Ever since founded in 2010, Instagram has been a THE most popular Video and Photo sharing app across social media network. Instagram generated an estimated $47.6 billion revenue in 2021, accounting for almost 50% of Facebook’s total revenue. So, for all sorts of businesses, tailoring your content so that it can reach as many people as possible, must be your key focus, which is otherwise called as Instagram SEO.

What is Instagram SEO?

How do you stand out in a sea of more than 300 million Instagram users? Getting your content in as many places as possible- On Search results and content feeds. That’s what Instagram SEO does. A good SEO strategy will give you more visibility, more followers & more engagement.

5 Less-known Instagram SEO Tactics To Increase Reach

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first step is to make a good impression by describing yourself in a better way. Make your a profile a presentable one by using an apt Username, colorful profile image and lastly, make your profile public.

2. Include Keywords in Hashtags

Instagram is famous for its Hashtags. Using relevant, hashtags on posts is one of the best way to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram. 

3. Add Alt Text to your Instagram Posts

This feature allows users to add additional captions for your photos. Instagram will automatically populate alt text options for photos so it is better give an ideal alt text of your liking which also improves the SEO.

4. Track With Analytics

Always check whether your results match with your Goals. Instagram has an in-platform analytic feature. Social Media Tools like Hootsuite or Sprinklr helps you with data analytic tracking services, automated reports, and more.

5. Avoid Usual Black Hat SEO Techniques

Not only Google, but Instagram also spot and punish users for using black hat SEO Techniques. Don’t use others content without permission and it can lead to copyright issues. Keyword stuffing, buying followers are common black hat SEO techniques.

Final Thoughts

By maintaining a consistent SEO strategy, you’ll be gaining followers and reach in no time! Follow these tips and take your business to next level with Us.

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