15-point Best Enterprise SEO Checklist: How to Optimize Your Enterprise-Level Site

15-point Best Enterprise SEO Checklist: How to Optimize Your Enterprise-Level Site

57% of enterprises say that a limited number of in-house SEO skills are the most challenging obstacle to achieving important SEO objectives. 43% say a limited SEO budget is the most challenging obstacle for their enterprise...

Organic search is the is the deciding factor for traffic in most organizations. SEO is the method that helps in achieving that.  50% of enterprises spend more than $20,000 per month on B2B SEO. SEO generates much more traffic than organic social media.

What is Enterprise SEO?

In simple terms, enterprise SEO is the strategy of boosting the organic search presence of corporate-level websites. SEO techniques have to be applied to thousands or even millions of pages. SEO processes are the same, but the scale is very high!!

Since 89% marketers believe that SEO is successful and 50% website traffic comes from organic search, even large businesses are embracing SEO. A well-executed enterprise SEO campaign will attract new customers.

Here are some pointers to remember to improve its search engine visibility.

  1. Target The Right Keywords
  2. User Friendly URLs
  3. Properly Optimized Meta Tags
  4. High-Quality And In-Depth Content
  5. Internally Linking Landing Pages, With Each Other
  6. External Links To Relevant Content
  7. Rich Media And Interactive Elements
  8. Images With Keyword-rich Alt Text
  9. No Toxic Backlinks
  10. Submit An XML Sitemap With The Right Pages
  11. Properly Setup Schema Markup
  12. No Excessive Broken Links Or Redirects
  13. Pages With Google’s Core Web Vitals Standards
  14.  Include HTTP Or HTTPS Protocols In Webpages
  15. Responsive And High-Performing Mobile Pages


Enterprise SEO uses the same conventional SEO techniques , the difference is, this practice is done for the organizations with huge revenues with market cap or enterprise value. Here 1% increase in conversion means increase in traffic of hundreds of thousands. Even business giant have to maintain their foothold on the internet these days!!