Edge Computing and Cloud Computing: Top 6 Major Differences

Edge Computing and Cloud Computing: Top 6 Major Differences

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace in this modern era. Edge Computing and Cloud Computing are new modern day technologies of computing for the future.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is an emerging computing technique which refers to a range of networks and devices at or near the user. It brings computers closer to the source of data to minimize response times. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the virtualization-based technology that allows us to create, configure, and customize applications via an internet connection. Today, 70 percent of organizations have at least one application in the cloud, increasing its popularity.

Both edge and cloud computing will be a great help in areas surrounding latency, responsiveness, security, analytics, management, and governance. Some vital differences exist between the two computing platforms. Here are some of them:

Parameters Edge ComputingCloud Computing
OperationsHappens on the device itself. Happens on cloud platforms like Google Cloud
ScalabilityHard to scaleHigh, easy to scale
ApproachProcess time-sensitive dataProcess data that is not time-driven
Use Cases Edge computing is better suited for devices that need fast connections and low latencyCloud computing lends itself more naturally to applications where large amounts of data need to be processed at once 
Cost EffectivenessLess cost-effective. More cost-effective because it centralizes resources in a single location. 
SecurityHigh securityLess secure
Edge Computing and Cloud Computing


Edge computing and Cloud Computing offers a plethora of benefits over traditional forms of network architecture. To overcome the drawbacks of cloud computing, edge computing has emerged as the most viable option available today. Although edge and cloud are related ideas, they’re also different functionalities. Choose the one that delivers content with the lowest latency and highest quality possible for developers.