20 Amazing Cloud Computing Stats (2024)

20 Amazing Cloud Computing Stats (2024)

The growth of cloud computing has been on the rise since 2020. Cloud computing and services hugely impact how we engage personally and professionally in our increasingly digital world. Not long ago, this technology is mainly used in tech field, but today, it is leveraged by people from every corner of the globe. 

Cloud Computing

In 2024, we can see that the cloud computing trends continues to accelerate, reshaping the technological landscape with innovations catering to user experience enhancements and cutting-edge business solutions. Cloud service providers ready to explore boundaries to address the ever-evolving demands of both individuals and organizations.

There will still be significant challenges- often revolving around security and data protection issues, but still many businesses will invest in new models that seek to offer best-of-all-worlds solutions.

Cloud Computing Stats (2024)

There is no doubt that the cloud is transforming tech and business. We have compiled latest cloud computing statistics which will hopefully help you decide for yourself if the cloud can benefit your business or not.

1. 200 ZB of data will be stored in the cloud by 2025.
2. 60% of the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud.
3. By 2025, the cloud applications market is expected to be worth $168.6 billion.
4. Cloud infrastructure services generate $178 billion per year in revenue.
5. Globally, the cloud computing market will surpass $1 trillion by 2028.
6. By 2025, enterprises will spend more on public cloud services than traditional IT solutions.
7. The cloud gaming market could be worth over $6 billion by the end of 2024.
8. 80% of organizations are using multiple public or private clouds.
9. Cloud-based workloads account for 75% of workloads in 1 out of 5 organizations.
10. Only 11% of Businesses Encrypt Almost All Their Cloud Data.
11. By 2025, nearly two million jobs will be directly and indirectly related to cloud computing. 
12. 70% of businesses encountered a public cloud security incident in the last year.
13. 72% of all enterprises use a hybrid cloud model.
14. The top three cloud service providers—Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)—control 66% of the market for public clouds.
15. 90% of businesses quote that cloud security is one of the most vital determinants of the success of a cloud strategy.
16. Large (67%) and Small Companies (38%) Adopted Cloud Services.
17. More than half of enterprises will use industry cloud solutions by 2027.
18. Cloud adoption among enterprise organizations is over 94%.
19. 36% of commercial real estate executives plan on investing in cloud computing.
20. Amazon owns 33% of the cloud provider market share.

Cloud computing is here to stay!!

Now, we are witnessing a surge in cloud computing trends that are shaping the future of technology even further. Embracing the cloud has become standard practice, and as a growing number of businesses transition, their evolving requirements will drive the development of pioneering solutions and strategic approaches.

As cloud technology has firmly established itself as an integral part of the modern business landscape, we offer you with our best cloud computing services…