Top 7 Best Uses of Ruby You Need To Know

Top 7 Best Uses of Ruby You Need To Know

Ruby on Rails is one of these technologies that are mature enough to get rid of teething problems yet modern enough to be compatible with the newest trends. 



A dynamic, open source, interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It was created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto of Japan. Ruby is mainly used for building servers and data processing, web scraping, and crawling . It is a useful programming language who want to build elegant, readable, and maintainable code.

|Uses Of Ruby

  1. Web Development: Web applications can be developed using popular web development framework Ruby on Rails. Rails uses conventions that define the structure of every Rails app which makes an easy job for developers.
  2. E-Commerce: Ruby on Rails offers every necessary things for e-commerce applications such as help desks, payment gateways, email campaign platforms, and more.
  3. Static Site Generation: A static site generator generates all the pages for a website at one time. Jekyll, the first static site generator was written in Ruby. Static sites are fast, efficient, secure, and easy to deploy sites whose content doesn’t change frequently.
  4. Web Servers: Ruby is used to build web servers like Unicorn, that can process raw incoming HTTP requests, send them to correct backend web applications, and then handle the HTTP response sent back from the application.
  5. Data Processing: Ruby’s map is used to reduce, and select functions and discover how to use them to solve dataprocessing problems. 
  6. Web Scraping And Crawling: Ruby has plenty of packages for extracting data from web pages and libraries for crawling and downloading web pages.
  7. Custom Database Solutions: Ruby is used for easy database management without needing SQL. You can also integrates itself with database management systems which makes it easy to manage complex databases.


Ruby still has its place. Ruby on Rails is becoming an even more mature technology and shines as as a white knight for the world of web app development. Ruby on Rails is great for MVP development, quick iterations and product scaling . Since it’s open-source and great for APIs, Ruby is a perfect choice for start-ups.

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